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Philadelphus coronarius. English Dogwood. (x). Commonly mistaken for Jasmine flowers.

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alexander wang s/s 2014

Bunny Holiday wearing the fuzzy crop sweater for American Apparel.


The one thing I miss about us
Is having someone
Who knew everything about me.
You were aware
Of every crevice of my soul
And body.
I could call you at anytime,
Ramble about anything.
Or nothing,
You knew what I was speaking about.

And every time
I realize that even though
I let you into everything,
Every single
Tiny bit of my being,
And you didn’t want me,
A wave,
No, a typhoon
of sadness rushes over
Me. My mind
Has become
Like a devastated city
Hit by a hurricane.


elle fanning


We out here for the blurry sunset pics


Film from the Bahamas